Your voice

Do you know what you sound like?

…I suspect that question triggered an emotional response: either smile or discomfort. And the likelihood is it’s the latter.

Join the club. That’s most of us. We rarely like the sound of our own voice.

But here’s the thing. We don’t really hear ourselves, as our filters get in the way. Partly physiological – acoustically we can’t know how others hear us – and partly psychological.

There’s lots of stuff associated with our sense of self. Memories and emotions laid down over the years. It affects how we think we come across. But it’s rarely all true.

And if we’ve lived away from the region where we grew up, we’re often surprised to discover ‘the folks back home’ have an accent. Or we do…

The bottom line is we shy away from listening to ourselves. But we need to get over this, otherwise, we close ourselves down when we actually need to rise up.

Try reading out loud for a change. Even better, try reading out loud something you have written.

Finding your voice is going to be the most wonderful adventure. We want to hear you!

Trust me.