Your beautiful song

Song has become a theme this week. I wasn’t expecting that.

Yet somehow, it feels right. Not just for me but perhaps also for you.


There’s a song that only you can sing,
buried deep within, it’s been there
since the beginning of you.  

Faint notes caught when you’re still,
waiting patiently for their time of release,
because this is a beautiful song
that needs to be heard
and no one else can sing it
but you.

And then, as you start to sing, surprise
as you hear resonance and refrain
and realise you’re not alone.  

Joining the chorus, a symphony of voices,
hearing the rhythm and weaving your part,
until we’re caught up together
in the collective anthem
that the world was created
to sing.

Gently now, listen
to the heartbeat
of the world.

+ Sue Heatherington

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿