You, me and the powerful space between us

If I don’t speak, you can’t hear me.

If I don’t listen, then I can’t see you, and I’m making up a story about who you are.

Yet, the space between us is not an empty void.

It’s full of potential.

Of possibilities, and grace and hope.

But only if we positively engage with its power.

Because it’s the space where we connect, and it shapes who we become.

Therefore our conversations can be generative and life-giving.

Or we can empty them of meaning by filling them with words that clutter, divide and drain, leaving their impression on our soul.

It’s a choice.

Will we cultivate our voice and the space between us?

Or will we shout and look away?

Because this space isn’t for filling, it’s for being.

Bringing ourselves and our capacity to connect and flow. To become more than we can be individually. Not less.

For me, John O’Donohue’s beautiful invitation each morning expresses my desire for how I walk and talk:

May I live this day

Compassionate of heart,
Clear in word,
Gracious in awareness,
Courageous in thought,
Generous in love.

Excerpt from Matins, in Benedictus: A Book of Blessings.

Let’s take time to notice the space and honour it well.