You breathed…

A word, a breath, just at the right time, brings life.


For too long we laid
drained and dry
beneath the scorching sun
as if the heat could bring life
to our fragile broken bones.

For too long waited
in the desert place
observing the desolation
and hoping we’d have the strength
to somehow hold together.

For too long

But you spoke,
whispered truth to the winds
shook the foundations
of all we knew
and promised to rebuild.
Bit by bit
layer upon layer
tendons, fresh and skin
unhurried in the re-construction
you ordered the scattered parts
of who we were
to make us who we are
standing whole again.
And then you
breathed on us
and we,
inhaling the fresh air
of new possibilities,
came to life.

+ Tracy Ingham

Yesterday, my lovely friend Tracy read her powerful poem during our Sunday gathering at Linden.

Let’s inhale the fresh air of possibilities as we step into the new week.

Pause. See differently. Re-story…

~ You can find the poem and her comments in her blog post, Dry Bones, on her Blogspot page: ‘Finally shall come the poet…’, 10th August 2023