Where do dreams come from?

Do you dream?

Sleeping dreams and waking dreams are both visual. Our ‘seeing’ is real and infused with emotion and memory.

But I’ve been wondering about their origins and what they do to, and for us.

Sleeping dreams seem to be the way our inner being processes what we’ve been exposed to. A kind of internal sensemaking, much of which we’re not even aware of. Perhaps it is where some of our If only… narrative plays out.

The dreams we have when we are awake are altogether different. We are engaged with them. It’s where we play, and What if… becomes our trigger.

Both are deeply connected to what we have seen, but they take us in different directions.

One we can’t control. The other we make space for. Like Einstein’s early thought experiments on a beam of light that ultimately contributed to the general theory of relativity….

What are your dreams?