What’s the (real) problem?

I love that as thoughtful changemakers we don’t just say that something is wrong. Or it could be better…

We have the opportunity to exercise disruption by creatively doing something to solve the problem.

And because we’re looking for real change, then we dig deeper, with openness and curiosity to understand why the problem exists. Rather than coming up with the next sticking plaster.

Take productivity, for example. Just working harder and faster is rarely the solution. That’s just a mechanical answer, and we no longer live in a mechanical world.

So what’s the real problem you are facing?

Dig deeper and create a better solution. For everyone.

PS My friend Amos Doornbos is a brilliant example of a quiet disruptor who has been digging deeper for a better solution. His field is humanitarian relief and digital transformation. His blog – This is Amos – and podcast – Courageous Change for Changemakers – is delightful and will take you to places you had no idea existed…