What would an abundant you look like?

This may seem a strange question but bear with me.

If we only ever approach who we are and what we can do from the premise that we are not enough and we need more, then our narrative is limited from the outset.

What would happen if we swopped our storyline?

And what would an abundant me look like? What is the colour and life that I might bring?

Or what is the courage, compassion and generosity that we could offer that would radically transform this space we inhabit?

And what about the ripples that would spread? Far beyond what we could imagine.

Sounds fantastical?

Yet, when we shift our way of seeing from naturally stunted to organically fruitful and from me to us, we create possibilities that previously were only mythical.

There are always multiple ways to look at what we have in our hands. All of which have assumptions. What we choose as our lens fundamentally influences what we see.

Together let’s choose differently.

Wisdom note: the times are urgent, let us slow down