What shall we wear today?

Hidden, tucked in out of the wind, baby Lena intuitively snuggles behind her mum, Betsi.

Two days old, and she’s naturally growing in her alpaca-ness.

Neither mum nor baby has to consult external experts on how to respond to what is going on around them.

They know, and they draw on their alpaca-ness, woven over generations of being part of nature, not separate from it.

The little red coat helps, not least for us to see where she is (and I did have to go looking).

Yet the absolute delight here is seeing her clothed in all that she is as alpaca. Because her character is already showing.

I wonder how we can re-connect with our human-being-ness, becoming more at home in who we are and more alive to our world?

What shall we wear today?