What shall we call this time

What shall we call this time,
this season whose borders
we have stepped across.

Do we know who you are,
can we know your name?

Whom should we call ourselves
in this space, in this place,
friend or foe, lover or unknown…

And you, who are you?
Why are you here
on this road today?

We’ve missed the signposts
that tell us where we are,
and the clock that speaks the time
has wound down for lack of use.

So how do we talk about this world
that has been moulded
in the broken image of
who we could have been?

Yes, let’s talk. Let’s learn the language
to speak of this time
not as the enemy,
but as a fellow pilgrim.

For the now is here
beneath our feet.

This Week

Much of this week has been about orientation and gaining perspective both in time and space because I sense that 2023 is unknown territory. And we must refrain from assuming prior knowledge. It has also been about being more creatively courageous in crafting these daily pause points.