What is your beautiful gift?

What an expansive and life-giving question to start the new year!

It came from the delightful and brilliantly insightful Dr Ernesto Sirolli*.

What do you love to do, that brings you alive and makes you shine from the inside?

It may be buried away, unused in a compartment of your life that you rarely let out to play.

Yet, it is not your gift. It is not for you alone.

In this emerging world, we need all the beautiful gifts because none can shine independently.

We light up each other and collectively create magic – things beyond our imaginings.

So if you are feeling rusty or your inner eyes are a bit dim: invite someone to ask you about your dreams and your beautiful gift.

And listen to where you come alive.

Then return the gift.

* Some good friends recently introduced me to Ernesto’s TED talks. ‘Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!’ from 2014 is an excellent place to start. Enjoy.