What is the question?

No, we are not living an extended examination. A mammoth test of whether we know the right answer…

There isn’t one.

Instead, I wonder whether the questions we are asking – of ourselves and for ourselves – are changing in this season.

Is the question that is top of your pile the same as it was two months ago?

For many of us our field of vision – how far we can see ahead and around us – has changed.

The big why questions feel like they are mocking us because we have no way to answer. And that feels like a failure…

But it’s not.

We need to graciously accept living in the times and seasons we are in.

Stepping more fully into the rhythm of life and engaging with the questions that arise here and now. With generosity and compassion.

Perhaps these are more questions of breadth and depth, rather than length…

So what is your question?