What are the stories we’re telling ourselves?

Living with my younger brother, Jules, we hear all of the stories he’s telling himself. Out loud, every day.

It’s the way he makes sense of his little world and his place in it.

So we know that he thinks he’s great, a good and thoughtful friend, and he’s super proud of being clean (especially his teeth). And he gets worried about things and then reassures himself.

Most of the rest of us hide these conversations inside, yet they are just as real.

And sometimes, we try to bury them completely, which is more than sad.

Yet, these stories fundamentally affect how we look at ourselves and why we imagine we are here.

They can make our world feel much smaller than it is and close us down at the point when we need to be opening up.

What are the stories you are telling yourself?

Are they helping you?

I know that some of mine need to be brought out into the light and set free.