Welcoming the beautiful inner work of autumn

How are you experiencing autumn?

Here in the valley, the nights have a deeper chill.

And during the day, the sun has an edge that reminds us that we can’t trust its warmth. At least not as we did.

Two swans remain, inviting us to linger in their presence, not with haste but with the grace accompanying their movement around the lake. 

Their presence reminds me of my deep desire for beauty. Beyond the surface aesthetic, this is transcendent beauty. The holding together of all things in divine harmony.

The beauty that can take the ugliness and decay and make something new.

We know when we have touched it.  And we know when it has touched us, deep inside.

So here are a few words of invitation from yesterday afternoon.


Damp leaves
in the half-light
of an autumn

What are we
hiding away, safe
from prying eyes,
sheltered from the cold?

And what are we
holding, as precious
seed for the
time to come?

Or letting go, fingers
prising off forms
that once held
significance and life.

Making ready for the
sweet new breath
yet to be felt in
awesome beauty.

+ Sue Heatherington

Choose hope.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

This week

A few good words

Even fewer this week (my eyesight is still recovering). Instead, here is a very short video of the swans from yesterday.

Swans on the lake