We are not alone

Did you know that you are not alone?

The fact that you are reading this means that you are connected to other people who are reading this. And that means that there are others like us. Thoughtful changemakers who want to believe that we can make a difference by being authentic to who we are. Not borrowing someone else’s megaphone or competing for attention.

This has really come home to me in the last few days…

Being on the global call with the Right Company with Bernadette Jiwa, where I see others who are working out their way of being in business from New Zealand to Canada. And places in between!

Reading Shawn Askinosie’s book ‘Meaningful Work – a quest to do great business, find your calling and feed your soul’ and finding words to describe the journey and take me further. Shawn is an ex-criminal defence lawyer and founder of Askinosie Chocolate.

Having wonderful individual conversations with people who self-identify as quiet disruptors and hearing their expression of what it means to them. This is no longer mine!

And finally, this morning waking up to today’s cartoon post from Gapingvoid Art: ‘Are you part of the change-pack?’

Powerful changes are not made by brute force or by curating your ideas in secret as a lone wolf. The seeds of powerful change are grown by sharing the idea with others. When they join forces with you, you have a community.

Thank you for being here. Today.

We are not alone.