We are enough!

How did the words of Rachel Naomi Remen land with you from the reflection last weekend?

I am enough.

At this particular time of year, this probably isn’t an easy one to believe. Tough, I know, but there are only two other options if you don’t like this one.

Option 1: I need to be like someone else to be ‘enough’…

The problem with borrowing another person’s clothes, characteristics or even sparkle is that they don’t fit you very well. Like children playing dressing up, it can be fun but not real.

Underneath, you know and it diminishes you. Actually, we all know you’re doing it even if we can’t name it.

Option 2: I need to become more of me…

It might feel easier to copy someone else, but the you inside, the potential you, is more than enough. We’re just not used to letting it out and giving it some air. Giving ourselves generous space and learning how to grow from the inside out. Trusting it will be good.

Truly we are enough. I promise you.