Ways of seeing the unseen

How do we see beyond the surface, or the thing that’s not a ‘thing’?

Because we do. All the time.

We sense the unknowable and struggle to put it into words.

Or we feel it so deeply that we know we are touching something profound.

And can only express it by gesture or letting our emotions bubble up and spill over.

Not always having the adequacy of words.

This is precious, and poetry is a lens.


Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

This week

Musing on words. On Wednesday, contemplating ‘and’ in Pausing for Peace, I thought about the partners and children of those on the front lines and wondered about their voice, influence, and vulnerability. What came to mind for you?

I also particularly enjoyed taking and framing some of the photographs from the valley this week. Poetry in light.

A few good words

On Tuesday, I offered a fleeting glimpse of the rich conversation between author Katherine May and Elizabeth Oldfield on The Sacred podcast. The whole conversation is a treat, particularly for those who are in or have been through a season of wintering: Katherine May and Everyday Wonder and How to Not Be a Guru 🌿