Unwrapping the gift, the promise

It is easy to separate the celebration of Christmas from the new beginning of the New Year.

Yet, as I have thought about how we tend to treat Christmas Day as the destination in Advent, the more it has dawned that what comes afterwards is the gift.

This is the poem I wrote for The Presence Project as the last in the Advent series for 2023. And my hope for the dawn of the New Year is that we will know the infinite love and grace that changes everything.


Never-ending light
streams from eternity
through this Child,
sharing our darkness
the promise of dawn as the
True Light comes.

And shall we draw near to
the beautiful Christ-Child,
this infinite love,
this infinite grace?

No welcome here
for peace bringers
in hostile worlds,
yet humanity shared
with the poor and the powerless,
as peace breaks in.

So, who does he come for,
this beautiful Christ-Child   
with infinite love
and infinite grace?

For seekers and searchers,
those lost and alone,
those wondering, those hurting,
those longing for home.

So, shall we come near to
this beautiful Christ-Child,
with shepherds and sages,
and prophets and kings?

Yes, we shall bow down to
this beautiful Christ-Child
of infinite love
and infinite grace.

This beautiful Christ-Child,
with infinite love  
and infinite grace,
the promise that
changes everything.

+ Sue Heatherington

You can see the video version created by Andy Hunter: Presence Project – The Arrival_5:The Promise with words beautifully spoken by Chris Matthew.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

This week

I wasn’t sure how this week would unfold, but I have delighted in walking through it. And I hope it has been a good week for you, too, in whatever way you mark the season.

The link for Thursday has the edited version of the poem, Viewpoint, which I adjusted after publishing.

A few good words

Like others, finding a word to carry with me through the year has been my practice. If you haven’t considered it, now might be a lovely time to explore what you want to walk with over the coming 12 months.

For 2024, mine is ‘Be More Poet’… and if you want to see what that might mean, take a look at my revised website: SueHeatherington.com 🌿