Unique you

Whilst we share DNA, our individual genetic footprint is unique. There is no one else like you.

Your ‘you-ness’ is extraordinary.

That’s because ‘you’ are not just the sum of your body parts. You are also the totality of your life experiences. Every person, thought or thing that you have ever encountered or been exposed to.

And that uniqueness translates into your voice. What is it that is yours, and yours alone, to say?

It may not be original – in fact, it’s highly unlikely. But how you see the world, your opinion and what you want to change here and now is.

So if we skirt around our opinions, not owning or burying them underground, then ultimately we become like a cardboard cutout. Indistinguishable from all the others, and replaceable.

The world, our world, misses out because only we can use our voice – whether or not we use words.

I’m not arguing for stridency or aggression. That doesn’t amplify our voice, it’s just noise and harassment. We don’t have to copy others to be heard. But we do need to know what it is we want to say.

Please embrace your extraordinary ‘you-ness’. Create a generous space to find your voice. And to change the conversation.

For good.