Time to rediscover our place

Like missing the beauty in the ordinary, does familiarity obscure the distinctive nature of place?

Which is rather sad because we can only be here. Not elsewhere. At any one moment in time.

So what is it about this place that is calling to us?

And why does it matter?

I’m reminded of Thomas Merton’s words, which never seem to date:

“Humans have a responsibility to their own time, not as if they could seem to stand outside it and donate various spiritual and material benefits to it from a position of compassionate distance. Humans have a responsibility to find themselves where they are, in their own proper time and place, in the history to which they belong and to which they must inevitably contribute either their response or their evasions, either truth and act, or mere slogan and gesture.”

+ quoted in Margaret J Wheatley, ‘Perseverance’

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿