There are moments when change arrives


There are moments
When change arrives
Startling in its reach,
In the questioning of certainties,
Old ground, once trusted,
The familiar in free-fall.

Hold me
Through the unsettled,
The unresolved,
The letting go of yesterday.

Give me courage
To be at peace
In this not-yet place.
Allow my heart to still.

Let time shape my becoming
Unhindered by a need to know,
The unfolding of tomorrow
Free of the ghosts of regret.

Ground me in an emerging landscape
Of discovery and renewal;
Grow me
In this fertile soil of disruption

Of truth waiting to be known


Written and performed by our friend Chris Matthews as part of the Presence Project in April, I reread this poem yesterday with a sense of its timeliness. Again. And hope it speaks to you in this moment now.