The way the light comes in

Sometimes when we’re searching for meaning or an answer, nothing shows up.

Until the light comes in.

And then we cannot unsee what the light, or insight, has revealed.

It changes everything.

And us.

Sometimes, we simply have to wait and allow our patience muscles to be stretched and strengthened.

Yet it might also be that we need to change position.

Becoming more attuned to the way the light comes in.


On a practical level, this is one of the reasons I love my early morning trek across the valley to feed the boys (alpacas).

At this time of year, the morning light comes through the trees on the far side. Casting beautiful shafts of light on my path and illuminating the current array of new growth.

Abundant and gorgeous, it is different every day.



If we stand
in a particular place,
gentling our eyes
with patience,
what might
we see?

+ Sue Heatherington

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿