The way of the soul

Friends who speak gently in whispers talk to a different part of us.

They don’t need to shout to connect with our humanity.

Indeed, their voice is part of our becoming.

Yet we pay so much attention to the outer part—what we are going to wear, eat, or drink.

Or to our mental abilities—what or how we think.

So what about that which is most uniquely us? That cannot be anyone else and is precious…

The conversation with my friend, Chris Matthews, speaks to this inner part of our souls.

Here is another of the poems he shared on the Be More Poet podcast yesterday.

Let it speak to your souls…


Wonder. Wander. 
Live the questions.
Be wholly you,
At home in yourself.
Vulnerable, honest,
Ready to wrestle
And walk with a limp.

Celebrate. Lament.
Remember. Sing.
Make peace with
The unresolved,
Not knowing.
Discover unlearning
And re-writing
In the making.

Find companions.
Share stories.
Recognise light 
And shadow.
See yourself in the other.
Be wrong.
Even when they know what they’re doing.
Learn to be human 
Like he was.

Love as you are loved, fiercely.
Embody faith, gracefully.
Live open-heartedly.
De-clutter regularly.
Surrender often.
Treasure his company
As you see each new horizon.

+ Chris Matthews, from the chapter, The Way, for the Presence Project

You will need to listen to the podcast to hear our reflections…

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

This week

Has been rather special.

A few good words

I continue to learn how to edit/produce a few good words so that they delight your ears… How am I doing?

This week’s episode of Be More Poet is a lovely conversation with Chris Matthews. It is longer than last week’s opening piece, and I suspect my occasional conversation episodes will be longer by their nature.

I hope you enjoy Hearing whispers that make worlds wherever you listen to podcasts. If so, please share it with others. 🌿