The promise of a wonderful unfurling

It is starting.

The tiny shoots are pushing their way through the dark leaf mould.

What appears to be twigs are morphing into fronds, ready to display their elegance on the woodland floor.


Waiting. Yearning to unfurl
brilliance from earth’s womb.
New life, ready to emerge,
clothed with gorgeous colours
of possibility.

Breathing out – not sighs – but
deep exclamations of joy.
The pain of labour, letting go,
forgotten in a moment
of release.

Becoming is not a process,
it’s a practice of life.

+ Sue Heatherington

May you know wild hope as you face the coming light.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

This week

Being happens in the moment. Becoming is what happens when you add the flow of moments together.

A few good words

I have been working on the two new podcasts: Quiet Disruptors (my reading the whole book in 12 episodes) and Be More Poet. I am getting closer to shipping QD – hooray – and hope to have it all out in one go, by early next week. I also want to get the first episodes of the weekly Be More Poet podcast out over Easter… This is wild hope and unfurling in action. I’ll keep you posted. 🌿