The gift of beautiful space

During this strange year, our encounter with space has taken on new dimensions. Some of us have had too much, while others are desperate for more.

But is it only about our physical limitations and the presence of noise, activity or demands?

Reflecting on this, I wonder if the gift of space is fundamentally an internal matter even though it is felt externally by us and those around us.

For example, we all know of people whose lives are full, yet they have a spaciousness about them.

Conversely, there are those with apparently few commitments who seem to occupy a narrow and crowded space. Come too close, and you’ll get sucked in.

And these are usually irrespective of where and how they live, though there is often an outward expression of an interior state.

The gift of space is precious and unlocks many other gifts. And we can give it to ourselves and each other, without having to first change our environment (which is good news in the current circumstances).

However, it does require an openness to see what we have let into our inner being–what’s taking up room–and take small steps towards clearing it out.

Because beautiful and generous space is tender and requires both cultivation and protection, daily.

So where can we start today?


Thanks to my artist friend Ruth Dent for suggesting exploring the gift of space.