The contours of our lives…

Living in this little valley full of living beings is a privilege and a joy.

And even rushing to finish chores, like feeding the boys yesterday morning, I see extraordinary sights.

Like this tableau of alpacas and the swan on the other side of the lake. Displaying the contours of the land, almost as if they were positioned there for artistic effect.

Though if you know anything of alpacas and waterfowl, you’ll know there’s no possibility of choreography there…

Later in the day, during the second round of feeding, it led me to think about the contours of our lives.


The contours of our lives
held in this body we call us,
shaped by past and present,  
words spoken and unspoken
watering a seed that was planted
long ago, before we were.

+ Sue Heatherington

Reflections to carry in our pockets.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿