The choice…

How do you feel about making decisions? Choosing your next step forward?

In my home culture, every choice was significant and we had to choose the right one.

But actually, that’s not reality. Nor is it wise.

There are some occasions where there might be a better option, but it’s usually not that clear cut. Not least, because we are part of something much bigger, where control or predictability is an illusion.

And how many choices are a simple either/or anyway?

Instead, I’m learning to pay attention to my compass – my sense of direction – and then try out the options in some way. Testing them for fit. Treating them lightly enough and approaching them with curiosity and wonder, rather than fear that I might get it wrong.

It certainly opens up possibilities that I otherwise might not see. And it teaches me to be humble enough to learn and be gentle with myself.

And to listen out for cues from elsewhere.

How about you?