The challenge of fruitfulness

Have you noticed that when you have something on your mind, you tend to see it everywhere?

Continuing to muse on fruitfulness, my attention was caught by the colourful abundance of a rowan tree along the green path.

But something was odd. The angle wasn’t right.

And then I realised that the weight of the berries had bowed the limb. It wasn’t strong enough to hold the fruit.

This is a wild rowan in shallow ground. And therefore hadn’t been pruned.

The slender secondary limb was doing its best at being a fruitful rowan, but this abundance will break it. Especially given the sporadic heavy rainfall and strong winds that we are experiencing.

It’s a salutary lesson. To be healthily fruitful, we need to be prepared to cut back, to prune what is necessary for good growth.

What might that mean for us?

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿