The beauty of being more human

Walking with words that explore beauty and humanness over the last few days has been a delight.

Thank you to those who have responded to my invitation, sharing deep smiles across the ether.

Here are some of the additions to the exploration of what makes us distinctively human from the post The joy of being more human:

  • … we can express our experiences in a way AI never will because AI doesn’t ‘experience.’
  • … A lovely, grounding reminder for the work I am doing today…
  • I’d add many of our physical senses … which we each experience to varying degrees.
  • “… as an opportunity to reclaim our birthright.” I love this concept.
  • We feel joy and anger and surprise and sadness… all the feelings 

And here is a lovely observation from Lisa Morrison in Northern Ireland, which she shared on Twitter in response to Pausing to sense the beauty:

Yesterday I heard about what a newly qualified nurse had brought to a psychiatric inpatient ward & my heart felt very full. Such care, thought, wisdom & innovation & so much humility with it.

I suspect that there is so much more to explore. And to give it room to breathe, we need to provide the right conditions for growth.

Yet that comes back to us and our ability to embrace our humanity. If we are only present in our head, looking on from a distance, we are not truly present. And that is difficult to do if we don’t like ourselves or judge that our physical presence is inadequate.

It is also about embracing true beauty, not as a physical attribute, but as a way of being and seeing that is regenerative and transcendent. This beauty speaks to our soul and allows us to engage with change that we would be proud of.

This is a new season, and the world around us is waiting for us to blossom and grow. Letting go of the outer shells that are no longer serving us well.

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

PS And don’t you love the delicious irony of not having any images of people in my photographs…