The beautiful fruits of autumn

I’ve watched this particular fungus for weeks and am surprised by its longevity. It seems to be just out of harm’s way…


Nestled on a mossy bed,
sheltered by overhanging roots,
this fungus is not alone.

No nibbling feast,
nor landing for feet,
slow, undisturbed growth.

Autumn’s abundance and
threads of connection.
This fungus is not alone.

+ Sue Heatherington

It also reminds me that we are not alone.


And for those who would like a longer pause on the last day of meteorological autumn, here is a gorgeous poem from Gideon Heugh.


Help me to love myself
in the same way that I love
the sunbeam
and the scent of fallen leaves.

Help me to hold myself
in the same way I am held
by the autumn morning
stretching its golden arms
around my heart.

And help me to believe
in this world of aching wonder,
which somehow
includes me.

+ Gideon Heugh, from Rumours of Light, 2021

Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿