Being carriers of words that matter

Single fern

“Don’t shoot the messenger…” We know the phrase and may have used it ourselves. Yet it takes courage to say something different that may be uncomfortable to hear. Conversely, we have all seen the elevation to celebrity status of those whose words are empty. And what about the words we say to ourselves? They shape … Read more

Words matter…

Clouds lit up by the setting sun

Yesterday, my Irish friend Ciarán emailed me to say, ‘Words matter.’ Yes, they do. More than we realise… WORDS MATTER Your words and who you are to say them, matter. Your voice, your posture, counts more than you realise. Choose wisely, ripples spread. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story… ~ Ciarán was responding to … Read more

On its own time…

View through the trees to the bluebells

I’ve been revisiting the lovely alternatives for the word ‘slow’ that many of you offered a few weeks ago… This valley has its own time. And it shows up in the appearance of seasonal blooms, like the bluebells. Walking through the woods, the air is saturated with their distinctive scent, and you feel like you … Read more

Noticing what we hear in different ways

View along the green path which also includes the lake at a lower level

We can start by hearing one thing and then realise it’s multi-layered. Like discovering we had several pairs of pheasants in the valley when we thought there was a lonesome male. Following my musings on whether there is a better word for slow, I’ve been fascinated by the various positive alternatives offered in the last … Read more

Is there a better word than slow?

Early spring morning dew on an open violet, moss and a fallen leaf from the autumn

I’ve realised that I am building a resistance to using the word slow… And I wonder if it’s because ‘slow’ somehow conveys a sense of being suboptimal and wasteful or if it’s a category reserved for those who can afford to ‘go slow’. Yet, when I think about time here in the valley, slow is … Read more

Hearing whispers that make worlds

Close up of white roses

It’s often not the things that are shouted from the rooftops that change us. They simply make a noise. Instead, it’s the whispers. The soft words that penetrate our outer skin and settle in our souls. And that changes everything – once we’ve given in… THE WHISPER Even the magnificence of the storm roarFailed to … Read more

Ways of seeing the unseen

Spring morning view down the lake, with ducks on the water

How do we see beyond the surface, or the thing that’s not a ‘thing’? Because we do. All the time. We sense the unknowable and struggle to put it into words. Or we feel it so deeply that we know we are touching something profound. And can only express it by gesture or letting our … Read more

Yet… another little word to offer delight

End of the lake and footbridge in early morning sunlight

And yet… Opens up a different possibility, an alternative angle. Unlike ‘but’, which stops us in our tracks and demands our attention. Yet, is a gentle deflection. A generous and gracious little word that invites a second chance. Where might we seed a few more? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ Little words are amazing

And… a midweek Pause for Peace

Alpacas in dappled sunlight on frosty ground by the side of the dark lake

What happens when we invite the little word ‘and’ to the peace table? I suspect it pushes us away from our binary right or wrong position. ‘And’ invites us to see more broadly and probe more deeply. It is the territory of nuance, shades and diversity. To ask questions of who, and what, and why … Read more