Delighting in the essence of essence

Close up of a small orange flower against a grey wall

Essence is such a beautiful word. Just listen to its tone and revel in its colour And its multiple dimensions of meaning create a glorious kaleidoscope: + Ecosia, in partnership with Oxford Languages I’ve been thinking about essence in terms of who we are and the beautiful change we want to create. What brings you … Read more

Unfurling the possibilities of imagination

purple felt with off-white lines and images

My friend Caroline Harvey loves words. Not only does she help people gain confidence in using their voice in public speaking, but she also collects words you can eat… Caroline asked me to contribute to her online collection following Saturday’s post: It’s time for a few good words. ALCHEMY I love the beautiful, creative magic … Read more

It’s time for a few good words

Extraordinary purple haze at sunset down the valley

A few good words… Words that help us pause, think and see differently. That inspire possibilities and unlock our human becoming in a world drowning in noise. Words that are not just more words, but give us breathing space for the things that matter in our work and world. My few good words are like … Read more

What about a few good words

a row of alpacas across the water, with a single alpaca on this side of the bank

What would you want to say if you had a few good words? And who to? What might be the effect? And what would you want to hear? Musings on the power of words and the intent behind them… Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

The worlds we make

part of a white hydrangea caught in a shaft of sunlight

I love the phrase ‘words make worlds’. It’s an ancient Talmudic saying that has carried the weight of years with grace. Yet it’s not only our broader culture that is shaped and understood by the words we use. It is also about the story we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are … Read more

Knowing the value of words

close-up image of lavender heads

Words surround us. They can be generated so easily that we’re drowning in them. Yet they are the very stuff of our connection with each other. We hurry them. Excuse them in the name of authenticity and treat them as something to throw away when they no longer serve our needs. Yet they are also … Read more

Choosing better worlds

Every day we have choices. The little choices that, over time, have such a big effect. Seeding beautiful words is an act of radical hope that words make worlds + Sue Heatherington Let’s intentionally develop our vocabulary and exercise our better word muscles. Starting with what we consume. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Learning to go gently

light falling on a clover flower showing the delicate purple and white petals

Go gently. Isn’t this a beautiful phrase? I first encountered it a while ago from Jane, an Australian friend then living in Wales. It resonates with a phrase I heard for the first time yesterday: “When you speak a word the sound never stops”, attributed to a Native American elder by Paula D’Arcy, and quoted … Read more

On exchanging little gifts of kindness


This is what a frog looks like when they’ve been hoicked out of a steep-sided plastic water bucket (great for alpacas but not for frogs). The encounter reminded me of other gifts exchanged on Friday. During an online conversation, a friend asked a simple question that stayed with me over the weekend. It unlatched windows … Read more