Life graces us with presence

Raindrops on moss on a tree

There’s an unhurried rhythm to presence in the valley, especially with living creatures. And I am grateful that tuning in reveals so much. WONDER Life graces us with presence. Our welcome, its unfurling, while our hurry drives it away. And gifting a glimpse of radiance in a raindrop  can carry us through the day. Life … Read more

Making space for wonder


What might happen if we made space for wonder? If we stopped filling our minds to overflowing. And if we opened our souls to something bigger.

Hearing the wild whispers


You must be quiet to hear the wild whispers and be still enough to notice your soul speaking. It’s like listening to the sound of the valley in the morning air. Or the ripple of water that sings of so many things with the silence of rhythm. I wonder, what are you hearing as you … Read more

Up to our neck in miracles


Wherever we find ourselves, there are always moments of awe and wonder if we have eyes to see. FIELD GUIDE Once, in the cool blue middle of a lake,up to my neck in that most precious element of all, I found a pale-gray, curled-upwards pigeon featherfloating on the tension of the water at the very … Read more

Surprisingly, a most wondrous sight


Do you ever look in the mirror? Not just a quick check to see that you’re roughly presentable, but really look. Me neither. Yet perhaps there is more to see, as Augustine of Hippo suggested in the fourth century: And men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of … Read more

Looking up to see differently


Watching the astonishingly beautiful cirrus clouds wend their wispy way across the sky took my breath away. I tried to video the expanse and became dizzy at the sight. Yet the experience of being caught up in such enormous wonder unlocked something inside. Looking up really does reframe all that we see. ~ Yesterday’s picture … Read more

Sharing what we find


Do you remember when, as a kid, you found something AMAZING…? What did you do next? Most of us would have kept it safe until we could share it – at the very earliest opportunity. I wonder, when did you last discover something that you couldn’t keep to yourself? And if it was ‘too long … Read more