Yet… another little word to offer delight

End of the lake and footbridge in early morning sunlight

And yet… Opens up a different possibility, an alternative angle. Unlike ‘but’, which stops us in our tracks and demands our attention. Yet, is a gentle deflection. A generous and gracious little word that invites a second chance. Where might we seed a few more? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ Little words are amazing

Sowing the seeds of life

A dollop of frog or toad spawn hanging between rushes

I’d just been musing on the parable of the Sower when I discovered what I think is frog spawn at the far end of the footbridge. Piled high on the handrail, some fell on the boardwalk, some caught on the rushes below, and some were scattered on the ground. And isn’t it stunning! Life in … Read more

Recognising our need to belong

Close up of camellia flower after the rain

I’m not sure what triggered it, but I’ve been increasingly aware of the deep need for a sense of belonging. It’s easy to rationalise or offer simplistic solutions, yet I sense this is something to sit with. Therefore, John O’Donohue’s For Belonging is an excellent place to start. FOR BELONGING May you listen to your … Read more

Making pathways across the water…

light reflections on the dark lake

If we are looking for certainty and solid ground beneath our feet, we might be here for a while. These aren’t the days for singularly enlightened destinations and crystal-clear choices. Instead, we face the option of gloriously uncertain possibilities, an array of non-binary decisions. And the invitation to create paths on the water. Because we … Read more

It’s usually beneath the surface…

Clouds reflected in the rippling surface water

Asking questions isn’t a luxury. Yet we think it is. We act like it’s something we haven’t planned for. It sits outside of the spec… Yet, if we are curious about the real nature of things, we must be open to further probing. Asking questions even if they feel naïve. If we don’t, and we … Read more

On the makings of a creative path

Reflections in the lake of a clear blue sky and the trees on the banks

Our way forward is not found by retracing our old paths. As so many wise people have observed before us, we cannot solve our current issues with the thinking that brought us here. So, I want to pause and spend time with Rick Rubin’s words to start the week. The ability to look deeplyis the … Read more

On the peace of where to stand

By the brook after the storm

Yesterday, the girls chose to shelter from the storm in some unexpected places. They have a superb knack for knowing when and where. And later, on the hillside, I stood out of the wind between gorse bushes to think about what to write. We sometimes need to relinquish our ‘heroes of the world’ capes. And … Read more

Which way to go?

looking up a green path between trees to a gate

Pathfinding or pathmaking? A good question. And the answer is yes… … both, and it depends. Looking back on my life, I’ve been a quiet pathmaker. I’ve stepped out and done things that were not usual in my culture or era. And I’ve created room for others to follow. Yet I have other friends who … Read more

Do you know how fast is fast?

Bramble limb with fresh green leaves being pulled by fast current in the stream

There isn’t an absolute answer to how fast is fast. It’s contextual – it all depends. Perhaps the question is, who or what is driving the speed? Whose agenda is it anyway? And that equally applies to going slow… So whose life are we living? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

The challenge of fruitfulness

a luscious bunch of ripening rowan berries

Have you noticed that when you have something on your mind, you tend to see it everywhere? Continuing to muse on fruitfulness, my attention was caught by the colourful abundance of a rowan tree along the green path. But something was odd. The angle wasn’t right. And then I realised that the weight of the … Read more