Being intentional about how we look


How we look and the posture we take in the looking shapes what we expect to find. That’s fine if we’re searching for something tangible we’ve mislaid, and we know where we lost it. Because it stops us from wasting effort and attention, both of which are precious. But how often is this the case? … Read more

Why we don’t celebrate the first pancake


This phrase – we don’t celebrate the first pancake – was one of the gems from a recent two-part podcast. Brené Brown, Adam Grant and Simon Sinek gathered for an extended conversation without agenda. Simon hosted it for his podcast A Bit of Optimism. It’s a lovely shorthand to remind us that it’s not about … Read more

The gift of perspective


Seeing the sunrise as it gathers speed coming down the western side of the valley is a gift in perspective. There is nothing I can do to affect its trajectory or its stunning beauty. And each morning, it reminds me that I am part of something bigger than myself. What shapes your perspective?

Choosing how to live this day


May I live this day Compassionate of heart,Clear in word,Gracious in awareness,Courageous in thought,Generous in love. + John O’Donohue, excerpt from For Matins, in Benedictus: A Book of Blessings The choices we make define us. Let’s choose well for the days ahead.

Come step into the quiet


I am not sure we can hear and see what we really need in the rush and noise. Sure, we might find answers to the immediate issues of today. Yet do they have the wisdom of time and space? Pause and step into the quiet with this poem from the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda: KEEPING … Read more

Standing back to see forward


When we only see what is in front of our eyes, we fail to see the whole picture. Yes, it feels like a contradiction, but let’s think about it. What’s in front of us doesn’t take account of what’s in us. And more than that, it only allows us to perceive as far as our … Read more

‘To be great, be whole…’


Greatness isn’t measured in fame or likes. It shows up in the little things, what we leave in or take out. It’s who we are when the world isn’t looking. Walking with wise words from the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa: To be great, be whole: don’t exaggerateOr leave out any part of you.Be complete in … Read more

What do we do when we ‘know’?


What do we do in our places of knowing? Those things we are sure of or have confidence in. Do we go and find something else to add to our collection? Or might we sit with our knowing until it becomes our unknowing? Probing its soft edges and letting them unfold. Until they mellow into … Read more

Intentionally slowing down the conversation


Slow down. Why on earth would we do that? I hear our cultural voice exclaim as it defends the relentless pressure for speed, productivity and efficiency. Have we somehow swallowed the idea that fast is always best? And that if something is taking too long, then it’s either weak and inferior, or it simply isn’t … Read more

A scattering of light seeds


There’s a good reason why they talk about photography as ‘painting with light’ (John Hedgecoe). So I find myself wandering around the valley, waiting for the sun’s rays to catch whatever I am noticing. And when it does, the result is extraordinary, bringing beauty to life. Similarly, there are times when light seeds simply illuminate … Read more