Wondering what it means to be human

View across frozen lake with frozen reed bed to trees in the winter sun

Today seems an appropriate time to ask what it means to be human. Although, in a sense, this question never goes away. Instead, it changes its frame and perhaps its urgency. Personally, it is a current question, and I don’t have a nice, clear-cut answer. And that’s a good thing because I am wary of … Read more

Here in the darkness – here is hope

Ripples in the dark water at dusk in Winter

Standing quietly at the end of the lake, watching the water move in the closing darkness, is not the place for bright inspiration. Instead, it draws me into a deeper appreciation of being alive. Here and now, in this place. HOPE IN WINTER At this time of yearin this darkening lightwhere is hope found? In … Read more

Sitting in Winter’s sun


Soaking up the rays and listening to the birds. What might the air say today? What might the breeze carry as a beautiful gift? Who needs the presence of this place? Who needs permission to pause? Here…