I am water, where shall I flow?


I am water,where shall I flow? How often do we see a need and hope that someone else will step in? Someone else will speak up, seeing the issues as clearly as we do. Maybe instead, we could cultivate being water. Flowing to the place where we can make the most difference. Doing what only … Read more

And where does the water flow?


Over the summer, I worked with the idea of beautiful questions. As I developed one of my own, eventually it distilled as ‘I am water, where shall I flow?’ But what kind of question is that? Yes, it can feel rather esoteric, yet it has become a powerful metaphor for me – a kind of … Read more

The flow of water and life


Like water, life isn’t scalable. At least not in taking a unit and multiplying through mechanical means. Or in recreating it elsewhere, without using up what we have here, in this place. Once water is used, we have to wait until it returns naturally. Maybe in another form, or another place, because this is a … Read more

What to do when it’s dry, really dry


When water levels are this low, a heavy downpour isn’t the answer. The ground is too thirsty. And it will lead to damaging floods. So why do we think there’s a simple tap-turn to make good our exhausted dryness? Instead, let’s search for sources of gentle rain to refill our drained souls. And then share … Read more

Fluent unfolding


FLUENT I would love to live Like a river flows Carried by the surprise Of its own unfolding + John O’Donohue, from Conamara Blues, Bantam Press 2001

Following the beautiful path of water


Yesterday’s invitation to enter the mystery of the water path was stimulated in part by the song Oceans. The idea of stepping out on the water is both ludicrous and awesome. And it takes us to places we wouldn’t otherwise go. Today it’s the turn of the poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, to offer an invitation. … Read more

Good words are like water


When I got my first CEO job, Steve bought me a little watering can. This was because I love having plants in my workspace. Yet, it was also a visual reminder to water with words of encouragement. Water refreshes and invigorates. We need it to flourish. And similarly, the words that surround us are like … Read more

Being grateful for the present-ness of water


Ours is a blue planet, and water defines us, even though we think we do… We are water ­– at least 60% – and the water in our area has been through us multiple times. Water is present. It doesn’t have to decide who it is going to be. It is. Borrowing from Alan Moore’s … Read more