In the time in between

Looking across the valley at the multi-coloured sky at sunset

This feels like a ‘there… but not quite yet…’ day. Of course, it probably isn’t helped by the glorious evidence of spring earlier in the week, only to be interrupted by a ferocious hail storm and then snow… Today is nearly the end of Holy Week, which has had far more resonance for me this … Read more

So my friend, where have you been?

low level picture of a dog following a trail across a frosty plank

Over the years, we’ve had several delightful Welsh Springer Spaniels. And they could always tell where we had been. Their sense of smell was so acute that they could track our footsteps long after we had passed that way. I wonder what our trails would say about us? Sometimes, I think mine are simply circles. … Read more

These paths are made by walking

Autumnal scene looking from a path out into the lakeside open meadow

There is something lovely about walking through the valley in the morning sunlight after rain. Especially when the faintly musty nuttiness of early autumn is lightly scenting the air. I love these green paths, and many of them are our legacy. They weren’t here when we arrived. Yet they didn’t happen in a day, or … Read more

Walking and waiting with words


I’ve been carrying this quote around in my metaphorical pocket for days: Do what you can with what you have. Nothing more is needed. + Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, Cannongate, 2023 I sensed it was significant for me and potentially for others. And while I understood the words, what did … Read more

Choosing how we walk and talk


Let’s walk together because we can. Not because we always agree, but as an expression of our intent. Our choice to put good words to work and make real the conversation. DOUBTS You don’t need to hidefrom your doubts. Let them come to you.Let them fill youwith their peculiar magicand show youthat the path is … Read more

On finding our way forward


The pall of sadness has hung like a dark Welsh raincloud this week, smothering light and air. And as further news of damaged lives emerges from Afghanistan and Haiti, it pools with the cumulative losses of the last year and leaves me feeling wrung out. So I sit and let the outside world in, laying … Read more