Where do you go on the longest night?

Close up of poinsettia and candle

Surfacing our longings… ON THE LONGEST NIGHT Where do you go to on the longest night, and who holds your waiting as the world tilts again. Find the place deep inside where the seed of you is cradled and the love that formed you speaks your name gently in the darkness. + Sue Heatherington …because … Read more

For times when our words are too small

Dark fallen leaves edged in frost

Do you know those times when you have something to say but can’t find the words? When what you are sensing feels expansive, yet your words barely cover the edges? Like a sheet that doesn’t reach your feet. Yes. Me too. And I don’t think this concerns a lack of vocabulary. T S Eliot discerned … Read more

Do you know who you are waiting for?

Close up of dew drops on delicate vegetation

Who am I waiting for? There’s a time for certain ideas to arrive,and they find a wayto express themselves through us. + Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, 2023 And you, who are you waiting for? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

It is time, said the friend

closeup of dewdrops on the last remaining purple foxglove flowers

I’ve been waiting for this day. I just didn’t know it. Until a friend reminded me. IT IS TIME Turn your gaze upon your soul, for it is time. Look past the shadows, look between the light; it has been waiting ­– waiting for you to step back from the endless undertakings, to take your … Read more

Waiting for the right time

Close-up of a bulging rose hip after the petals have fallen

We are so impatient. We think speed and immediacy is the goal. But that only produces small fruit, often tasteless and soon forgotten. Instead, what would be worth waiting for? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ After the flower comes the seed… This is the rose hip from the stunningly beautiful rose in Being quiet … Read more

What is the point of waiting?

close up of the tiny pink petals of the wild angelica plant

Sometimes I wonder. Then I walk around the valley, and it teaches me. Patience: as more-than-humans arrive in their time, not mine. And they are never late. Trust: that I am part of something so much bigger than me. My voice blending with the choir in rhythms and harmonies beyond my own. Beauty: that emerges … Read more

Longing for fruitfulness

decay of the bramble flower and the emergence of green berries

Walking down the lane and noticing the changes in the hedgerows, I recognised a yearning for fruitfulness. Wanting the waiting to be over. FRUITFULNESS From unpromising husks,  the berries start to emerge. While hidden beneaththe broad hazel leaves,  nuts take shape to holdthe treasured kernel. What fruit are we carrying  in camouflaged bodieswaiting to come … Read more

And here comes the colour


I am blown away by the vibrancy of the greens in the valley this spring. More than I remember in previous years, there’s brightness and nuance as I wander the green paths. Yet, it also takes light to bring the colours alive. And maybe that’s why the greens are more green, and the yellows are … Read more