The knowing in the waiting

Fine fleece in the wind with raindrops

Caroline Harvey summed it up well – ‘she just knows’ – in response to my musings on our resident Canada Goose waiting for her goslings to emerge. Yet, I suspect we are out of practice regarding this kind of knowing. We rely on external mechanical prompts to remind us of things we have forgotten how … Read more

Musing on the nature of waiting

View across the lake to the finger of land and the Canada Goose on her reed nest

Through the Welsh damp yesterday, you can see the female Canada Goose on her reed nest at the end of the finger of land in our little lake. She will likely sit on her precious eggs for a month before they hatch. Does she count the days or have a diary or smartphone to tell … Read more

In the time in between

Looking across the valley at the multi-coloured sky at sunset

This feels like a ‘there… but not quite yet…’ day. Of course, it probably isn’t helped by the glorious evidence of spring earlier in the week, only to be interrupted by a ferocious hail storm and then snow… Today is nearly the end of Holy Week, which has had far more resonance for me this … Read more

The promise of a wonderful unfurling

Green fern unfurling

It is starting. The tiny shoots are pushing their way through the dark leaf mould. What appears to be twigs are morphing into fronds, ready to display their elegance on the woodland floor. THE GREAT UNFURLING Waiting. Yearning to unfurl brilliance from earth’s womb. New life, ready to emerge, clothed with gorgeous colours of possibility. … Read more

Where do you go on the longest night?

Close up of poinsettia and candle

Surfacing our longings… ON THE LONGEST NIGHT Where do you go to on the longest night, and who holds your waiting as the world tilts again. Find the place deep inside where the seed of you is cradled and the love that formed you speaks your name gently in the darkness. + Sue Heatherington …because … Read more

For times when our words are too small

Dark fallen leaves edged in frost

Do you know those times when you have something to say but can’t find the words? When what you are sensing feels expansive, yet your words barely cover the edges? Like a sheet that doesn’t reach your feet. Yes. Me too. And I don’t think this concerns a lack of vocabulary. T S Eliot discerned … Read more

Do you know who you are waiting for?

Close up of dew drops on delicate vegetation

Who am I waiting for? There’s a time for certain ideas to arrive,and they find a wayto express themselves through us. + Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, 2023 And you, who are you waiting for? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿