Gideon Heugh has just published a new book, Darkling: An Advent Journey, and I wanted to share it with you. This is a book for darkling days. A book for those who are hunkering down against the winter storms of life. A book for those who feel weary, lost, uncertain. It is not a book … Read more

A blessing for life together


In our brokenness,may we not cling to the raft of power. In our shadows,may we reach toward the kind light of love. In our doubts,may we not grab for shallow certainty. In our vulnerability,may we share this brave space with others, Because peace shared is wholeness. And through each other’s eyes, we see lifein all … Read more

Naming on the path to wholeness


Our longings are for what is out of reach. And our yearning is only in absence, not in fullness. Yet naming is a courageous act of vulnerability. It’s a vital first step of embodiment, a means of making real what we need. So I wonder what we might need to name in becoming whole?

Being up close


What happens when we get this close? We can hear our heart beat and our soul speak. And it can be scary. But let’s do it anyway. Because our world needs more beauty.

Befriending the unknown


An invitation to largeness, to a space bigger than we can imagine or occupy. That stretches beyond the horizon of our sight. And extends into time beyond our present. A place of conversation with our vulnerability that releases the fragrance of possibility. Will we choose to befriend the unknown or keep the door tightly closed?

Drawing close in


At a distance, it is relatively easy to define what someone does. We watch them at work, or in the company of others, and find a category to put them in. Indeed their title might give the game away. But what they do isn’t who they are. This requires a different kind of observation with … Read more