Words matter…

Clouds lit up by the setting sun

Yesterday, my Irish friend Ciarán emailed me to say, ‘Words matter.’ Yes, they do. More than we realise… WORDS MATTER Your words and who you are to say them, matter. Your voice, your posture, counts more than you realise. Choose wisely, ripples spread. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story… ~ Ciarán was responding to … Read more

For those who have ears to hear

Welsh Cob horses on the hillside

An everyday story from the valley to end the week. The other day, I was climbing up the boy’s hillside to find the ewe and large lamb we’d seen the day before. And also work out how they got in… … when I heard a large sigh from behind a gorse bush, too big a … Read more

An echo chamber of one is not much fun…

a row of alpacas and their reflections in the water

As you know, I don’t do rhyme… so to offer you a weekend smile: An echo chamber of one is not much fun. While two is better and three is greater,  four or more could be the core of a beautiful and magnificent chorus. ~ Our little valley operates as an acoustic chamber. It’s easy to … Read more

What do we hear in the other voice?

Steve walking down the hill

I don’t speak ‘alpaca’, but I do know who is talking when the more vocal amongst our herd make themselves known. And I don’t know what every Steve in the world sounds like, but I could pick out ‘my Steve’ in any vocal lineup. Likewise, he is very good at discerning my anxious and self-denying … Read more

Beyond the sound of the storm

View up the lake with debris in the foreground

When the noise of the storm has died down, we are often left with an eerie silence. An emptiness that allows us to gather our meanings and turn them over in our hands. To see what is left of value. My friend Tracy Ingham, an emerging poet, recently wrote this beautiful piece on the shores … Read more

Listening to the new song

geese and other birds on the lake

The soundscape of the valley has changed. Gone are the ardent cries of mating and staking of territory. It’s a gentler exchange. One between parents and offspring. The bonding of relationship and the affirmation of identity. Sure, when threatened, the alarm cry echoes across the valley. And the little ones on the lake go scudding … Read more

Here is the only place to start

View of the lake through the reeds showing the water loss

We start from where we are, not over there. THE SONG Start from herewith the words you haveand your own voice.  ­You are enough.Imperfect and beautiful,sing the love songof the world we’relonging to hear. + Sue Heatherington Go gently, with courage. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ Inspired by a lovely conversation with Salvador Bosque

What do we think we hear?


What do you hear when you see water gushing over rocks? I hear a rumble and roar as the lake fills and overflows after rainfall. It gets louder and reverberates as it descends to the open mouth of the underground tunnel – the reservoir’s original draw–off point over a century ago. Yet here’s the thing. … Read more

Owning your beautiful voice


Oh yes, I know it’s you… …I recognise your voice! Those who know us well never fail to recognise our voice, even if we only say a word or two. They know us by our intonation, our accent, our pitch, how fast we speak, where we take our breath, and so much more. And even … Read more