What do we think we hear?


What do you hear when you see water gushing over rocks? I hear a rumble and roar as the lake fills and overflows after rainfall. It gets louder and reverberates as it descends to the open mouth of the underground tunnel – the reservoir’s original draw–off point over a century ago. Yet here’s the thing. … Read more

Owning your beautiful voice


Oh yes, I know it’s you… …I recognise your voice! Those who know us well never fail to recognise our voice, even if we only say a word or two. They know us by our intonation, our accent, our pitch, how fast we speak, where we take our breath, and so much more. And even … Read more

On hearing our own voice


Can we hear our own voice? In a world full of noise, this isn’t easy. How do we know it is ours and not the echo of others? Does it sound like us? Is it a voice we want to be around? A stranger we want to meet, whom we wish others to know. This … Read more

Let your life speak


This is the powerful title of a beautiful little book by Parker J Palmer, beloved by many friends. David Marlow reminded me of a quote from it yesterday: “Some journeys are direct, and some are circuitous; some are heroic, and some are fearful and muddled. But every journey, honestly undertaken, stands a chance of taking … Read more

What are we listening for?


I wonder, what are we listening for? Is it the calling of our name in the middle of a crowd? The sweet pleasure of being seen amidst the others. Or is it the echoes of the earth? Reminding us that we are part of a time that stretches way beyond what we can see. Perhaps … Read more

When you stop, what do you hear?


When you stop, what do you hear? Is it the echoes of unfinished conversations,the insistence of a reply,the sadness of the moment,or things said that were better left unsaid? What about the call of the wind,the whisper of water,the wordless sound of a place,or the rumble of the Earth? And what about the comfort of … Read more

Reflections on the pause before saying yes


Can you remember the last time you said ‘yes’? Not the everyday sort of yes, but the big and beautiful yes that changed the course of your work and life? At the beginning of The Creatives Workshop two years ago, I wrote this poem… PAUSE TO SAY YES The pause before we say yes is … Read more

You, me and the powerful space between us


If I don’t speak, you can’t hear me. If I don’t listen, then I can’t see you, and I’m making up a story about who you are. Yet, the space between us is not an empty void. It’s full of potential. Of possibilities, and grace and hope. But only if we positively engage with its … Read more

Tuning in


Developing our voice takes practice. A lot of practice. And the willingness to hear when it’s not quite right. When it’s a bit off. Because unless we try it out, we don’t know what it sounds like. And unless we’re open to the others, we don’t know where to find the resonances. Because without resonance, … Read more