Holding space for the unknown

Unknown goose-sized bird perching on the rail of the footbridge

Yesterday, following my usual path and deep in thought, I started to cross the footbridge. Only then did I realise an unusual bird was perching on the handrail. But here’s the thing: it didn’t fly off at my approach. Sometimes, the visiting grey heron will pause there and fly away before I am near. Not … Read more

On the unfolding of becoming

raindrop suspended on the edge of a curling leaf in autumn

Carrying tiny pieces of poetry in my pocket, I am caught by the nature of the invitation. THE UNFOLDING OF BECOMING If we knew,would we go there,or choose insteadthe safetyof the familiarand miss it all? Or walk into the welcoming,unfolding,unknown ofbecoming, with hope instead. + Sue Heatherington Let’s walk together. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 … Read more

On resting in the unknowing

View from the doorway of geese and goslings, and gumboots

I’m sitting in the doorway of the old cabin, waiting for the felting machine to finish its cycle. This is a good place to stop. To pause and sit with the unknowing. Not trying to answer all the big questions like why children die, how we can stop injustice, or what we must do to … Read more

How can we see the unknown?


How do we seewithout sight,and knowwithout knowing? By courageouslyreleasing our grasp,relinquishing our rightto understand. Listening insteadfor heartbeats,and songsof the deep, and how waterflows, orravens dancein the wind. Only then, whenwe’ve finally let go  can we glimpsethe unknown.

You are not lost – you are here


The sun was setting, and we were in an open-topped jeep. Horribly lost in the Paphos Forest in Cyprus with no road signs or way markers, and before smartphones were invented. I was afraid. And my panic grew with each mile along narrow, unmarked roads, hairpin bends and precipitous edges. … We clearly found our … Read more

On the cost of what matters most


Recently I joined a webinar with Michael Bungay Stanier (MBS to his friends) on the one question that unlocks everything. What was it? “If I say YES to this, what must I say NO to?” MBS has an extraordinary skill in capturing crucial ideas so simply that you can’t ignore them. This phrase has deeply … Read more