Life unfolding on a spring morning

View through the trees - now in full leaf - to the lake

I’ve tried… Tried to capture the multiple layers of sound as I stood on my regular perch in the valley. I cannot do justice to the immersive experience. The geese coming in to land on the lake below me. The lesser spotted woodpecker in the trees above. Or the myriad of chattering birds all around. … Read more

On the amazing unfolding of becoming

Alpacas gathered at the lakeside, some in the water, with the swans and geese at a distance

Being happens in the moment. Becoming is what happens when you add the flow of moments together. Tiny shifts formed by the interactions with everything around us and our reactions inside. Over time. I could describe all the things that led to this moment. Yet what is interesting is what happens next… Pause. See differently. … Read more