Welcoming stirrings beneath the surface

Close-up of a new shoot on a bramble stem

Seasons are not uniform blocks of time with defined edges. And we rarely step from one into the next over a clearly marked threshold. Instead, they are a flow. A movement whose surface often belies the eddies obscured from view. In the Celtic world, Imbolc is the name for the shift occurring around this time … Read more

Being rooted while in transition…

Swan on the lake with autumn background

The solitary white swan left on Wednesday. And we miss her beautiful presence. I sensed she felt safe here and stayed for as long as she needed, probably for some form of grieving. But then it was time to go… Being rooted while in transition – this seems like a contradiction. How can we be … Read more

Being ready for the shift…

Bright bramble leaves starting to change colour

The shift into autumn is the most dramatic of all the seasonal transitions. What we’ve come to expect in colour, texture, and even shape gets upended. This is new territory. BEING READY Are we ready,I mean, truly preparedfor what comes next? Probably not,and that’sno bad thing…becausewe might not go thereif we knew. On the other … Read more

Waiting for the silt to settle

circles of ripples into muddy water with reflections of trees overhead

The deluge of rain brings silt down from the hillsides. Pouring into the lake, it takes a while to settle. We can’t do anything to speed up the process. Instead, we have a fresh opportunity to go gently and watch the drips from the willow create interesting ripples in the churned-up water. Knowing that in … Read more

Choosing your time well


There is mechanical time, valley time and your time. And especially in the transition zones, knowing which we are using is wise. Yesterday morning, by the time I’d walked from the valley floor to the sunlit path on the hillside, the dandelion ‘clocks’ were their usual fluffy selves. CHOOSING TIME If you want to see … Read more

Knowing what matters is a gift


In a world of hollow noise and superficial reaction, knowing what matters to us is a gift. Yet so often, we’ve settled for something less. Perhaps it’s been what pleases others, makes us look good or avoids our fears. Yet on those occasions when all else is stripped away, and we see clearly what matters … Read more


What kind of metamorphosis are we going through? Is this just a change of clothes, or a change of substance? This threshold is not just a doorway to another room, with different decor. It’s a boundary to another place. But we cannot go there as we are. We have to change. To let the threshold … Read more

This present waiting…

The idea of liminal space is powerful. It is the time between the ‘what was’ and ‘the next’. Essentially it is a place of transition. Of waiting and not fully knowing. In our humanness, we often want to run away from this place. It can be uncomfortable and the feeling of loss of control goes … Read more