What does this time ask of me?


Not to turn away,or yield to hopelessness,foregoing the utterance thatit’s impossible. Instead to face towards,to choose the possibilityand become the changeI want to see. Yet we do this together,because it takes twoto change the conversationfor good. There is so much going on, and we can feel overwhelmed. Yet together, we can kindle hope Pause. See. … Read more

Always Becoming


We are always becoming, yet never alone. ~ a simple thought each day for the in-between time.

Walking in the now but not yet


Do we get so caught up in the destination that we forget to be here? Yet this is the only place we can ever be. One foot in front of the other, even in the darkness. And waiting. Not the stuck kind, but the expectant, hopeful sort. The kind that trusts that we can see … Read more

Sharing in the dark matter together


I wonder if the light bulb of optimism sometimes needs to be dimmed. It can be exhausting having to be constantly upbeat. Perhaps it’s in both the sunlight and the shadows that we grow. Appreciating autumn and the coming of winter, but doing it together. DARK MATTER Do not show me your bright stars;we cannot … Read more

A blessing for life together


In our brokenness,may we not cling to the raft of power. In our shadows,may we reach toward the kind light of love. In our doubts,may we not grab for shallow certainty. In our vulnerability,may we share this brave space with others, Because peace shared is wholeness. And through each other’s eyes, we see lifein all … Read more

Choosing how we walk and talk


Let’s walk together because we can. Not because we always agree, but as an expression of our intent. Our choice to put good words to work and make real the conversation. DOUBTS You don’t need to hidefrom your doubts. Let them come to you.Let them fill youwith their peculiar magicand show youthat the path is … Read more

Seeing with the eyes of our heart


Even in our most alone-ness, we are not alone. The earth beneath our feet teems with more life than we can imagine. While the air we breathe is shared with others across space and time, irrespective of status. And the flow of water continues its forever circularity through the tiniest cavities and the greatest of … Read more

Being fruitful isn’t a solitary pursuit


Walking down the lane, I picked up these gorgeous plump acorns. This year they have been particularly large, and the blackberries are following their lead. Yet what makes them so big? It’s not their individual capacity for growth because fruitfulness is not a solitary action. An acorn cannot determine its own size. Instead, it’s the … Read more