Who are our travelling companions now?

a group of alpacas walking ahead along a path

We cannot create sustainable change on our own. Even if we have supreme ambition and the most energy in the world. We simply cannot do it alone. That’s not how lasting change happens. Real change, transformational change, is organic. It is passed from person to person. Often through a variety of means because we are … Read more

An echo chamber of one is not much fun…

a row of alpacas and their reflections in the water

As you know, I don’t do rhyme… so to offer you a weekend smile: An echo chamber of one is not much fun. While two is better and three is greater,  four or more could be the core of a beautiful and magnificent chorus. ~ Our little valley operates as an acoustic chamber. It’s easy to … Read more

Reaching for the light together

intertwined honeysuckle growth against blue sky

There’s a wild honeysuckle growing out of a gorse bush that I see most days. It’s on the path that traverses the hillside fields, home for our male alpacas. Here’s the thing. The gorse can only support it so far. And then, the tendrils need to support each other as they reach for the light. … Read more

On the power of two


We can do some things on our own but are far better together. Take repairing fences, for example. Yes, we do have the tools to do a solo job. But it’s much easier and quicker when we are two. And then there are things that we cannot do alone. Take shearing the alpacas, for example. … Read more

Remembering that we are not lost


Nearly two years ago, I wrote this poem. It hasn’t lost its relevance. And perhaps its call to walk together is even more pertinent. Who are you with? WE ARE NOT LOST We are not lost… we just need to pause, put away our old maps, see where we are with fresh eyes,   hear … Read more

What does this time ask of me?


Not to turn away, or yield to hopelessness, foregoing the utterance that it’s impossible. Instead to face towards, to choose the possibility and become the change I want to see. Yet we do this together, because it takes two to change the conversation for good. There is so much going on, and we can feel … Read more

Always Becoming


We are always becoming, yet never alone. ~ a simple thought each day for the in-between time.