Softly walking on the edge

Open pink camellia flower with raindrops

After a day of soft Welsh rain and nourishing conversations, I come to rest. WALKING TOGETHER Softly walking on the edge,  avoiding straight lines of fragile certainty, here is where we grow.  Breathing the air of possibility,   absorbing gentle rain of encouragement, being seen and heard. Cherishing travelling companions as gifts for the journey. … Read more

Hope for the other – a midweek Pause for Peace

Tuber floating on the pond surface with shrub reflection

It is relatively easy to hope for peace for those who are like us. We wouldn’t want to be in their shoes. But what about the others? Those who don’t look, or sound, or smell like us. Taking a moment to step into their shoes. Together. #Pause4Peace 🌿 ~ a tuber from the bottom of … Read more

A midweek Pause for Peace to look again

Close-up of air bubbles in ice

This is the alternative image to the one I used for yesterday’s post because I couldn’t use both… On looking at it again, I am struck by its curious beauty and the questions it raises, including how the air tunnels got there. And the answer is: slowly. Imperceptibly slowly. Yet here they are, beautiful, and … Read more

Midweek pause for peace to see below the surface

Morning light across the valley, with only the top fields and sky in light

If we are seeking peace, we have to look below the surface. What is immediately apparent is not the whole story. This flash choir came together from across the divides of language and ethnicity in Haifa in 2018: Koolulam | One Day – Matisyahu |Haifa | Feb. 14th, 2018 Their voices expressed what is (still) … Read more

A collective pause for peace

A white and a black alpaca standing in slanting shadows in the trees

We can easily feel helpless amid the violence and destruction. Therefore, I am inviting a midweek collective pause for peace. A brief time out, even for a minute, to recognise that those of us who are for peace are more than those who seek to destroy. Whether that is of people, place or the planet. … Read more

Join me in a pause for peace…

Ripples and shadows on the lake with #Pause4Peace in blue

On our own, we can’t silence the terror. Anywhere. But we can stand together and remember that we are multitudes. One minute to pause what we are doing and know we are one. Your time. Your place. Then share the pause so the ripples grow. Around the world. Together, we can pause for peace. Everywhere. … Read more

Who are our travelling companions now?

a group of alpacas walking ahead along a path

We cannot create sustainable change on our own. Even if we have supreme ambition and the most energy in the world. We simply cannot do it alone. That’s not how lasting change happens. Real change, transformational change, is organic. It is passed from person to person. Often through a variety of means because we are … Read more

An echo chamber of one is not much fun…

a row of alpacas and their reflections in the water

As you know, I don’t do rhyme… so to offer you a weekend smile: An echo chamber of one is not much fun. While two is better and three is greater,  four or more could be the core of a beautiful and magnificent chorus. ~ Our little valley operates as an acoustic chamber. It’s easy to … Read more

Reaching for the light together

intertwined honeysuckle growth against blue sky

There’s a wild honeysuckle growing out of a gorse bush that I see most days. It’s on the path that traverses the hillside fields, home for our male alpacas. Here’s the thing. The gorse can only support it so far. And then, the tendrils need to support each other as they reach for the light. … Read more

On the power of two


We can do some things on our own but are far better together. Take repairing fences, for example. Yes, we do have the tools to do a solo job. But it’s much easier and quicker when we are two. And then there are things that we cannot do alone. Take shearing the alpacas, for example. … Read more