Wondering what it means to be human

View across frozen lake with frozen reed bed to trees in the winter sun

Today seems an appropriate time to ask what it means to be human. Although, in a sense, this question never goes away. Instead, it changes its frame and perhaps its urgency. Personally, it is a current question, and I don’t have a nice, clear-cut answer. And that’s a good thing because I am wary of … Read more

Our creative relationship with time

Frost covered wild angelica stems

Paradoxically, we need to pause and consider our relationship with time. Or else our avoidance will drive us to those places that inhibit our creative response. Because time is not linear. Even though the clock disagrees, it is merely an ornament of time, not time itself. And it is by choice that we let the … Read more

Walking in step with valley time

Early winters evening across the lake to the stables

Time is different here in this place. And I suspect it is where you are, too. Yet we tend to assume time is ours to use – like a resource – when we don’t own the clock. VALLEY TIME Dark comes earlyand with it, rain.Remindersthat valley timeis different. We do not seewith eyes alone,nor navigatewith … Read more

Rekindling a love for the seasons

Burnt orange hazel leaf against a backdrop of orange and green

I wonder if we have lost our connection with the seasons of life. Have we elevated some as more worthy or desirable while the ones we want to avoid are hidden away out of sight? As if we think we can master time or know better than the seasonal cycles… Here, the astonishing abundance of … Read more

What do we expect to see?

Single bright green acorn on leaf mould

Wandering without an agenda, even for a few minutes, lets us notice what we might otherwise miss. A SINGLE ACORN One, just one when last year, there were multitudes, so many I couldn’t walk without crushing some. One, just one, not a deficit, but more rebalancing the scales of the years. Weighing out time. One, … Read more

It is time, said the friend

closeup of dewdrops on the last remaining purple foxglove flowers

I’ve been waiting for this day. I just didn’t know it. Until a friend reminded me. IT IS TIME Turn your gaze upon your soul, for it is time. Look past the shadows, look between the light; it has been waiting ­– waiting for you to step back from the endless undertakings, to take your … Read more

So, how do you know?

cluster of ripe and unripe blackberries

How do you know when the berries are ripe? Or when it’s time to cut the hay? And when do the fledglings know it’s time to leave the nest or the goslings leave the lake? Or the leaves start to turn, and the fungi push their fruiting bodies into the air?  It’s not a knowing … Read more

Being in the arc of time

slice of tree trunk showing different tree rings and moss on the bark

Yesterday, I was reminded that here in the valley, we do not have time. We can’t be rigidly bound to a to-do list if a tree is down and blocking the road. So even if I’d wanted to be elsewhere, I couldn’t get out until we’d cleared the debris and made the tree safe. And … Read more

There is time…

skyline with sunset cloud formations

Reflecting on the watershed of the year: There is a time for everything that matters, even if we think there isn’t. Because time is not linear, and neither are our choices so long as we don’t give them away. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿