Coming home again

View of the end of the lake and alpacas up the hillside

Today is a milestone, and I cross a threshold. I had thought it was a threshold going out. Yet I now realise it is a threshold coming in. I no longer need the coat I’ve been wearing for years. It’s time to take it off… TO COME HOME TO YOURSELF May all that is unforgiven … Read more

Daring to be more human

Edge of a variegated camellia dropping raindrops onto its leaves

I love the image of standing at the threshold in Anne Hillman’s poem, We Look with Uncertainty, which we read yesterday. We stand at a new doorway,awaiting that which comes…daring to be human creatures,vulnerable to the beauty of existence.Learning to love. + Anne Hillman, excerpt from We Look with Uncertainty, from Awakening the Energies of … Read more

At the turning of the seasons

Swan surrounded by ripples on the dark lake

Yesterday, I stood for a while by the end of the lake. Just watching. The swan’s flight to land close by was so graceful. However, I’m still not sure whether this is to check me out with friendly curiosity or warn me off. And I mused on this threshold we are traversing. Real in the … Read more

Being in the liminal space again

silhouette of fading rose with water droplets on the stem

It feels like we’re in the in-between again. The space that is neither here nor there. After the before, but not yet arrived.  It’s more than a simple threshold. There’s a gap between one side and the other. So what does this space ask of me, of us? I suspect it’s yielding to what we … Read more

On the tides of life…

Canada Geese on the lake

The comings and goings… Finally, the rain. After weeks of hot weather and most of the lake turning to desert, we have lush fullness. Here. The final training ground for the older goslings, whose lessons in flight had been interrupted by lack of water surface. Without water, these beautiful birds cannot develop their take-off technique … Read more

All that is good is growing


Standing on this threshold of a new season – a new month, a new quarter, or shortly, a new birthday… – I offer these beautiful words from Gideon Heugh to light our crossing. SPRING All that is good is growing. Yesterday and so many yesterdays it seemed dead. But now the deep God stirs in … Read more

Who might you open the door for?


In our farmhouse, we have several doors with odd handles. On one side is a round handle, and on the other is a lever type. This is because one of our dogs was extraordinarily good at opening doors. Even ones that required pulling towards you. Sadly she is no longer with us. Yet her memory … Read more

What happens when we cross a boundary


A shift occurs when we cross a threshold. It’s both external and internal, though not always immediately apparent. Because our surroundings change, and so do we. And when boundaries are protected to define who belongs where – we also create a new story about who we are. So this is not a space for those … Read more

On the threshold of spring


THRESHOLDS Before and after, lines that shape the space between. Invitations to unknown possibilities, that whisper promises of hope and dispel inner boundaries with light. Come, cross with me let’s see what’s on the other side. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 ~ Crocuses often mark the threshold of spring, and these are … Read more