Perhaps we’re more like mycelium


We think we think. And we think we make decisions based on thinking. But what if we’re simply feeling our way forward and rationalising what we decide? Thinking after the event. ~ Appreciating the delightful insights of my friend Steve Done – after Merlin Sheldrake’s Entangled Life – perhaps we’re more like mycelium than we … Read more

Think differently or die


Sounds dramatic – but it’s an emerging everyday reality. If we’re stuck in our thinking, we’ll never find the new solutions. And not being open to learning, ultimately stunts our growth. Eventually, we become an irrelevance. Or even worse, we walk over a precipice of our own making. And that’s ugly. Instead, let’s recognise that … Read more

Why are we afraid of thinking?


Do think Why are we afraid of thinking? Is it answers we might not like,or opening chasms that draw us indeeper than we want to go? We fear not being very good,not being able to get it right.As if there’s a correct answer to every questionor a way of thinking that shows the quality of … Read more

Whatever is lovely


Finally,beloved,whatever is true,whatever is honourable,whatever is just,whatever is pure,whatever is pleasing,whatever is commendable,if there is any excellenceand if there is anything worthy of praise,think about these things. From the letter to the Philippians… and still relevant today.

Thinking together…

When was the last time you really enjoyed thinking with other people? Not the ‘we’ve-got-to-solve-this-problem-in-the-next-two-minutes-and-move-on’ kind of thinking. But being able to enter into each other’s thought waves and create a glorious symphony (or jazz riff). Over the last few days, I’ve had several lovely opportunities. Both online – through exchange and conference calls – … Read more

The art of fresh thinking

the art of fresh thinking

There’s something quite scary about fresh thinking. Exhilarating too. But the scary bit is that it’s new, it’s different. It won’t be recognised immediately because there may not be anything to compare it with or to validate it by. That’s the difference between the art of fresh thinking and the science of big data. Both … Read more