Choosing to be free


We have stories about ourselves,and those are not who we are.We have stories about the work,and those are not what the work is. + Rick Rubin, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, Canongate 2023 Some stories serve us for a time. And then we need to let them go. Otherwise, we are stuck in … Read more

Stories writ small


Astonishedby the little things.  Gardensin the stoneworknot requiringour observing,their storiesversed indifferent tonguesfor a differentaudience. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Being open to new stories


The stories that frame our expectations of ourselves are probably laid down in childhood. And then set in concrete by our experience of life. But are they real? What if they are other people’s projections that meet their need for status or control? Turning them off can be so liberating. Do what you can with … Read more

On seeing from the other way


Yesterday I did the alpaca rounds in reverse, and in the afternoon rather than the morning. Cast in another light and from the opposite direction, the green paths appeared so different And I wondered what else might change if we came to it from the other way around. For example, our stories of challenge, hardship … Read more

Owning our stories of struggle


It takes courage to own our stories of struggle. Not making them into a melodrama, but recognising the truth that life isn’t always easy. And neither are we. These stories start with us looking in the mirror and choosing not to airbrush the imperfections. Nor making excuses, but instead choosing to love and be loved. … Read more