Lingering with the intention of life

Close up of the flowering heads of fresh spring moss

Lingering, not as avoidance or prevarication, but to pursue life in its wholeness. INVITATION TO LINGER Slowing downenough to notice thelittle signs of grace, spacious enough to become attentive,water curiosity anddelight in possibility, the unfolding of amore generous life. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Holding space for a midweek Pause for Peace

Late afternoon sun through fading hydrangea petals

Sometimes, we have no words. Yet, here’s the thing about poetry: it’s not just about the words. It’s the space, too. WHEN THERE ARE NO WORDS Pause breathe sigh breathe again… It is enough. + Sue Heatherington Today is one of those times when simply pausing together makes a difference. #Pause4Peace 🌿

Finding space at the edge

small waterlily bud framed by the edges of the green waterlily pads in a pond

My friend Richard Merrick has changed his tagline: Write at the edge Isn’t it brilliant! It is not only a perfect way of capturing what he does (very well) but also an invitation to us. Because there are things we can only see at the edge. And then we need to discern what to do … Read more

Space to become more you


Here is space to pause, catch your breath, seeing yourself and where you are with fresh eyes. There is space to become the change you want to see in your world, without shouting. You have space to change the conversation for good. Pause. See differently. Re-story. 🌿

Where is our beautiful space?

Green leaf buds opening on branches with the dark lake and hillside as background

We have places for many things, but where is the space for our soul? This isn’t as esoteric or woo-woo as we might think. It’s just a question we’re not used to asking. Yet without it, our inner being will wither, and our resilience to do the tough stuff will fade. Pause. See differently. Re-story … Read more

Making space for wonder


What might happen if we made space for wonder? If we stopped filling our minds to overflowing. And if we opened our souls to something bigger.

On being above the line


The chill of the fog hung in the valley like a cold weight. And walking up to the boy’s fields, higher on the hillside, felt laboured. Until I passed the line where the sun broke through. Slanting across the valley from the other side, it brought everything to life. And me to warmth. Nothing changed, … Read more

Creating space for beautiful questions


Beautiful questions need room to breathe. These are the ones that open up our world rather than closing it down. That inspires hope, yet do so graciously and gracefully. Not pushing us into a corner but inviting us into wide-open spaces. Beautiful questions remind us that we are whole beings, becoming from the inside out. … Read more