Getting to the heart of it

spiders webs catching the light in a woodland clearing

There are some things you can only see in a certain light. Like the spider’s webs draped on dewy grass in the early morning. Later in the day, when the sun has been at work, you won’t notice them. Unless you feel the web catching your bare ankles. So with soul. It’s there all the … Read more

Being beacons of hope

Close up of deep pink hydrangea flower

Breathe in beauty. I am conscious of so much ugliness in the world and don’t want to drown in its waves. I want to rise above it, not as a moral indictment but as a beacon of hope. Breathe in beauty. Stand in the natural world’s presence, even if it’s a tree in the park … Read more

It’s time for a few good words

Extraordinary purple haze at sunset down the valley

A few good words… Words that help us pause, think and see differently. That inspire possibilities and unlock our human becoming in a world drowning in noise. Words that are not just more words, but give us breathing space for the things that matter in our work and world. My few good words are like … Read more

Beautiful greens


Walking back after shearing the alpacas, I was grubby and tired. And then I spied these ferns along the green path… BEAUTIFUL GREENS Layers of green, not competing for attention but simply being their subtle selves,  are beautiful and calm evocations to breathe life into desiccated souls. + Sue Heatherington Where do you go for … Read more

Revealing what is hidden


Choose stillness to see with the eyes of our heart and quiet to hear the melodies of our soul. Here we see what is hidden  and catch the wordless songs that open us wide to courageous possibility and discovering what is real. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Where is our beautiful space?


We have places for many things, but where is the space for our soul? This isn’t as esoteric or woo-woo as we might think. It’s just a question we’re not used to asking. Yet without it, our inner being will wither, and our resilience to do the tough stuff will fade. Pause. See differently. Re-story … Read more

A Blessing for the Creative Soul


Today as we more intentionally shift towards The Art of Quiet Disruption, it seems appropriate to revisit a poem I wrote in 2020. At the end of the first Creative’s Workshop, run by Seth Godin and Akimbo, I wanted to capture the sense of the threshold we were crossing. This is the result, and it’s … Read more

Making space for wonder


What might happen if we made space for wonder? If we stopped filling our minds to overflowing. And if we opened our souls to something bigger.

The inner history of a day


Yesterday as the outer world tumbled in turmoil, I worked on The Art of Quiet Disruption. Therefore, searching for a different voice to carry into today seemed appropriate. A voice that speaks across time with dignity and beauty that we need to settle our souls just now. So I picked up John O’Donohue’s blessing from … Read more

On the riotous celebration of autumn


No season is as lush as autumn. What colours and what abundance! We couldn’t even dream it up if we tried. And when the sun shines, there is a riot of richness at every turn. We feast on the sights and smells, knowing that this harvest will replenish our souls for the months ahead.