A Blessing for the Creative Soul


Today as we more intentionally shift towards The Art of Quiet Disruption, it seems appropriate to revisit a poem I wrote in 2020. At the end of the first Creative’s Workshop, run by Seth Godin and Akimbo, I wanted to capture the sense of the threshold we were crossing. This is the result, and it’s … Read more

Making space for wonder


What might happen if we made space for wonder? If we stopped filling our minds to overflowing. And if we opened our souls to something bigger.

The inner history of a day


Yesterday as the outer world tumbled in turmoil, I worked on The Art of Quiet Disruption. Therefore, searching for a different voice to carry into today seemed appropriate. A voice that speaks across time with dignity and beauty that we need to settle our souls just now. So I picked up John O’Donohue’s blessing from … Read more

On the riotous celebration of autumn


No season is as lush as autumn. What colours and what abundance! We couldn’t even dream it up if we tried. And when the sun shines, there is a riot of richness at every turn. We feast on the sights and smells, knowing that this harvest will replenish our souls for the months ahead.

Hearing the wild whispers


You must be quiet to hear the wild whispers and be still enough to notice your soul speaking. It’s like listening to the sound of the valley in the morning air. Or the ripple of water that sings of so many things with the silence of rhythm. I wonder, what are you hearing as you … Read more

The unexpected gift of wild


We often tend to gravitate toward the gift of certainty and familiarity. The call of the wild can feel somewhat alien. Yet here is the place – inside and out – where we encounter things far deeper. Experiences that liberate our soul. Here is the gift of a poem from my friend Tracy Ingham, which … Read more

Speaking from my inner being


I am looking for someone else to give me words. Words that will say the right thing, in the right tone, to speak with courage and compassion. Yet all I have are inner sighs. And that is enough for today.

Being quiet enough to hear your soul speak


Be quiet… quiet enough to hear a voice that’s been trying to be heard, but has been drowned out. Be quiet… quiet enough to hear the tone of love, not the edge of judgement. Be quiet… quiet enough to know that you don’t need to know everything, but some things you do know. And they … Read more

Beauty in the dark places


Is there beauty in dark places? In the worn-out, torn down recesses where truth has been trampled? Perhaps it depends on what we think we are looking for and which eyes we are using. Because hidden inside is always life, and life is magnificent. Beauty likes neglected places … In its real sense, beauty is … Read more

Naming the beautiful multitude


Days when beloved faces shone brighterWith light from beyond themselves;And from the granite of some secret sorrowA stream of buried tears loosened. The penultimate verse of John O’Donohue’s blessing At the end of the year conjures up a sea of beautiful faces for me. The many, many people who have been part of my year, … Read more