On its own time…

View through the trees to the bluebells

I’ve been revisiting the lovely alternatives for the word ‘slow’ that many of you offered a few weeks ago… This valley has its own time. And it shows up in the appearance of seasonal blooms, like the bluebells. Walking through the woods, the air is saturated with their distinctive scent, and you feel like you … Read more

Lingering with the intention of life

Close up of the flowering heads of fresh spring moss

Lingering, not as avoidance or prevarication, but to pursue life in its wholeness. INVITATION TO LINGER Slowing downenough to notice thelittle signs of grace, spacious enough to become attentive,water curiosity anddelight in possibility, the unfolding of amore generous life. + Sue Heatherington Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Noticing what we hear in different ways

View along the green path which also includes the lake at a lower level

We can start by hearing one thing and then realise it’s multi-layered. Like discovering we had several pairs of pheasants in the valley when we thought there was a lonesome male. Following my musings on whether there is a better word for slow, I’ve been fascinated by the various positive alternatives offered in the last … Read more

Is there a better word than slow?

Early spring morning dew on an open violet, moss and a fallen leaf from the autumn

I’ve realised that I am building a resistance to using the word slow… And I wonder if it’s because ‘slow’ somehow conveys a sense of being suboptimal and wasteful or if it’s a category reserved for those who can afford to ‘go slow’. Yet, when I think about time here in the valley, slow is … Read more

Friends, on this day, less is more

scented candle, apple and orange

A few good words laced with love. THIS DAY My friends,dear friends,at this time,  on this day.Slow down. Less is more.Standing back,you’ll knowwhat matters.Choose this. + Sue Heatherington Nadolig Bendithion – Welsh Christmas Blessings Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿 This week My gift to you – painting with words and light from a little valley … Read more

Go gently and tread lightly

Close up of honeysuckle leaves with individual drops of water

In the soft Welsh rain that feels like gentle mist, water collects rather than splashes. Gathering in beautiful translucent drops, it is in no hurry to go anywhere. What do we think we gain by stomping around at speed when such beauty is all around us? Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Intentionally slowing down the conversation


Slow down. Why on earth would we do that? I hear our cultural voice exclaim as it defends the relentless pressure for speed, productivity and efficiency. Have we somehow swallowed the idea that fast is always best? And that if something is taking too long, then it’s either weak and inferior, or it simply isn’t … Read more

Slowing down our responses and getting better results


Yes, I know this sounds counter-intuitive. After all, we’ve spent decades speeding things up and celebrating he who gets there first. Yet, the reality is that we’re not in a fit state to go fast – especially at this time – and neither is this our best contribution. Instead, that’s what we’ve created information technology … Read more