Paying attention to the silence


How about stepping into the silence rather than running away from it? What might we find that we can’t hear elsewhere? Especially once we make friends with our fear. Pause. See differently. Re-story 🌿

Fresh sight from the quiet edge


Following yesterday’s post, What does this time ask of me? I recalled a phrase I was drawn to a while ago: fresh sight from the quiet edge. So I carried it with me while walking across the hillside after feeding the alpacas. Expecting to see something… FINDINGS AT THE QUIET EDGE At the quiet edge, … Read more

Make a place to sit down


More than usual, this week, time seems to have fashioned a particularly elastic quality. Drawing tight to remind me that each moment is precious. While also opening wide and shrugging off boundaries with a sense of eternity. And we live in the messy and unpredictable in-between, with its associated sense of disorientation and ephemeral opportunities. … Read more

Hearing in the silence


When you travel,A new silenceGoes with you,And if you listen,You will hearWhat your heart wouldLove to say. + John O’Donohue, from For the Traveller Early last week, a good friend sent me an excerpt from this John O’Donohue blessing. I was surprised by the sense of urgency that it evoked in me. The calling of … Read more

Sitting with silence


We are conditioned to move away from discomfort. To treat grief as an unwelcome guest. Yet, they are all part of the wholeness we call life. Without the uncomfortable silence, the absence of knowing, how can we learn to see and hear what is beyond? And grow enough to move from where we have been, … Read more

Beyond words


There are times when words are mere tatters in the wind. And sighs are too deep to be heard. Such a time is this. We must sit with it in silence. Letting it seep into our very selves. For we are not separate from what we witness. ~ There is a time to keep silence, … Read more

Letting the silence speak


Snow has an incredible acoustic impact as hush descends with the snowflakes and dampens environmental sounds. Stillness in white. I wonder, what can we only hear in silence? And why do we avoid it, filling the space with answers that melt so quickly?

The gap between Q and A

Yesterday’s musings on questions or answers spun off a delightful side conversation. What about the space between the question and the answer? The gap we hold open for ours and other’s thinking. Because silence often prompts a polarity of responses: Fill it – quickly! Or the courage to go further and explore what’s really there, … Read more